JJH and Tycho Brahe II
A 3D Mapping Company

Based in Sitka, Alaska

Goals for February

Hi! I'm working hard on many Jfactory things right now. Below are some of my goals for the next month. The website has a skeleton now but without flesh.

  • New 3d, maps, and gallery web pages website
  • Sitka Fine Arts Camp map commission
  • 4 USGS Maps into one maps
  • 3D Print Kruzof at 1:24k scale 3d
  • USGS Map tutorial website

Check back in soon. I'm gonna put some links to my old maps like a Yakutat story map, the 2024 eclipse map, and some other things!

❤️ JJH

usgs sitka a-5
usgs sitka a-5
usgs sitka a-4
usgs sitka a-3
winter scene of Sitka Fine Arts Campus

I'm working on organizing and uploading all of my 360° panoramas to my gallery. They're interactive! Check them out. 🙂

Protip: if you're ever stuck on a Jfactory webpage there should be an icon at the bottom that can take you up a directory.